Gillian Ward - Housemistress and mathematics teacher

Gillian joined Dauntsey’s in 2004 as a teacher of Mathematics and she was appointed Housemistress of King Reynolds House in 2017, after having been the Housemistress of Scott House since 2006.

Having studied Mathematics at Reading University as a mature student, she secured her first teaching post. Gillian is currently teaching a range of classes,  and she is also a Supervisor for the Extended Project Qualification. 

More about Gillian…

What do you enjoy most about your subject?

In the classroom that 'eureka' moment when a pupil says "Ohhh - I get it!" - that makes me so happy. Also, I love it when the class gasps audibly at the beauty of a mathematical proof (especially if I haven't had to prompt them!).

What do you enjoy most about life at Dauntsey’s?

The pupils - they're great. I enjoy watching each and every boy and girl develop from the shy, apprehensive new First Former into the confident, charming young adults in the Sixth Form, ready and equipped to move on into the outside world.

I love everything about my job and my thirteen years at Dauntsey’s have absolutely flown by.

How do you spend your holidays/time out of school?

I am a part time pig farmer, which is great fun; the piglets are relaxing, therapeutic and very tasty!
I love gardening, enjoy lots of dog walking and I also catch up with family and friends in the holidays.

Your favourite place on earth and why?

I have two favourite places:

The Antrim coast in Northern Ireland - it has a remarkable rock formation and a truly dramatic coastline (even in the rain) from the stunning Giant's Causeway - best visited at sunset - to the beautiful miles of white sandy beach in Portstewart. I have lots of happy childhood memories of this wonderful coastline.

I also love the Canadian Rockies from Alberta to Vancouver where I lived for three years. The views are quite simply breath-taking and, I think it’s the best skiing in the world.

If you could have a “superpower”, what would it be and why?

Well like the Portia spider I’d also like three superpowers: it can jump, has excellent eyesight and is a genius. I’d swap the jumping power for an extra pair of hands, I’d like an extra eye on the back of my head and well the genius (that’s already in the bag!).

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