Kerri Bradley - Deputy Director of Sport

Kerri joined Dauntsey’s in 2015 and is Deputy Director of Sport and Head of Girls Games.

She also has a number of other roles including being a Tutor in Jeanne House, Head of Tennis and Netball, GAT Mentor and Head of Sports Scholarship Programme.

Prior to this, Kerri was Head of Girls' Sport at The King's School Canterbury.

More about Kerri…

What do you enjoy most about your subject?  

Being able to influence so many pupils through sport and seeing the achievements of so many pupils, no matter their ability. It’s great to be part of the process and trying to inspire everyone!

What do you enjoy most about life at Dauntsey’s?

I love absolutely everything - the kind staff and pupils and the welcoming atmosphere. It really is a special place.

How do you spend your holidays/time out of school?

I enjoy playing netball, visiting the gym, spending time with my family.

Your favourite place on earth and why?

Kent will always be a special place in my heart as this is where I grew up. Having met my future husband in Wiltshire, I would have to say this is a very special place.
Also Antigua - where I got engaged....

Who do you most admire in public life and why?

She’s not in public life but probably my mum - she is fabulous in every way. I admire how selfless she is and if I am half of her when I am her age, I will be very happy!

If you could have a “superpower”, what would it be and why?

I would have the ability to not ache following exercise - having reached 30, I now ache!

Which book is top of your pile right now?

Harry Potter - any of them! Or something sporty like The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters.

Anything else you would particularly like to highlight?

I am totally addicted to stationery! Apart from that, I can be OCD in the PE office and I have more trainers than there are days in the month.

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