Sam Moore - Head of Adventure

Sam joined Dauntsey’s in 2014 as the School’s first Head of Adventure Education.

Adventure has always been an integral part of life at Dauntsey’s and he oversees all the adventure programmes, from the First Form trip to Swanage, through the Moonrakers scheme for the Third Form to Gold Duke of Edinburgh, Brecons Challenge and many overseas trips. It’s down to Sam to ensure these programmes are safe, provide useful personal development to pupils and help prepare them for any future adventures they may have.

Prior to joining Dauntsey’s, Sam ran his own business providing adventure education to corporations like Visa and O2. He is an Accredited Practitioner of the Institute of Outdoor Learning.

More about Sam…

What do you enjoy most about your subject?

I love having the opportunity to meet and get to know every pupil in the School, and to find challenges that are the right level for each of them.

What do you enjoy most about life at Dauntsey’s?

The friendly atmosphere and the willingness of pupils to have a go at anything put in front of them, whether that is sport, adventure, drama, music of even something like tidying up! Being prepared to “have a go” is such an important life skill.

Your favourite place on earth and why?

That’s a tough choice but I would say either Jökulsárlón, an amazing glacial lagoon in western Iceland or Joshua Tree National Park in the high desert of California. Both places have some extremes of temperature and simply being in those environments is really stimulating. It also means they are other-worldly and beautiful.

Which book is top of your pile right now?

'Will it make the boat go faster?' by Ben Hunt-Davis MBE – a very accessible read from the Olympic rower who teams up with an executive coach to show how you can use some of his medal-winning strategies to improve your own life.

In the press: A taste for adventure

In this article published in our In Focus Magazine, Sam Moore examines how adventure can teach invaluable life skills as well as change attitudes and behaviours for the better - go to article