Will Whyte - Housemaster & teacher of PE

Will joined Dauntsey’s in 2008 and is Housemaster of Upper School Boys’ Day House, Farmer House.

He also teaches PE and Games, Computing and is in charge of the “17 Club”, a social club for the Sixth Form pupils. Dauntsey’s is William’s first teaching post, having gained a BA Coach Education & Sports Development at The University of Bath and Graduate Teacher Programme for Physical Education at The University of Southampton.

More about Will …

What do you enjoy most about your subject?

Being active and seeing pupils develop through physical activity and sport. It’s rewarding to see the real benefits that it can provide both socially and mentally.

I enjoy coaching teams and building up a rapport with the pupils, helping them enjoy competitive sport, whatever their ability.

What do you enjoy most about life at Dauntsey’s?

The pupils. I find them exceptionally rewarding to work with – it’s great to see them perform on stage in drama productions, at music concerts or on the sports fields. No two days are the same and I love getting involved with the wide range of activities and opportunities that life at Dauntsey's provides.

I also enjoy my pastoral work at Farmer House, helping pupils through both the good and the bad times they will experience at School.

How do you spend your holidays/time out of school?

Travelling, seeing friends and family and holidaying abroad - preferably somewhere hot with a beach and a hammock!

I also travel with the School on sports tours or other trips.

Your favourite place on earth and why?

Bath – it’s a beautiful place and home to Bath Rugby!

If you could have a “superpower”, what would it be and why?

The ability to cure any illness or injury.

Which book is top of your pile right now?

Foul Play: The Dark Arts of Cheating in Sport by Mike Rowbottom – an entertaining read about the lengths people will go to just to win.

Sport at Dauntsey’s

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