What Parents and Pupils Say

Quotations from parents

For me, the winning factor at Dauntsey’s is the open, friendly and fun atmosphere in the school whenever I visit.”

"Pupils are extremely happy at Dauntsey's. This is one of the greatest testaments to the school."

“Day to day organisation of the school is excellent, and overall there is a sense of quiet, effortless efficiency. The care of pupils is first rate and underpinned by a very common sense, pragmatic approach. Communication between parents and teachers is spot-on.”

A genuine valuing of individuality."

Opportunity for everyone to find their strength.”

“Academically strong but not elitist.”

“An independent school with no pretensions, full of like-minded, professional people, with similar views and aspirations.”

“It is more than value for money. Our child has grown in independence, social confidence, has had excellent outside exam grades and developed firm friendships that will probably last a lifetime.”

"Despite the financial sacrifices that is has meant for us, we have never for a moment regretted sending our children to Dauntsey's."

There is no snobbishness at the school, and precious little flashing of cash. Who you are boils down to attitude, kindness and enthusiasm at this place and we love it."

“Academic success combined with extra-curricular activities, strength of pastoral care, energy and enthusiasm of pupils and teaching and support staff means we would have no hesitation in recommending.”

Weekly parent bulletins

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Quotations from pupils

“The teachers are really great both in and outside of lessons and are always willing to offer extra help.”

My teachers have always provided a range of ways to learn and kept lessons interesting.”

“The tutor system has been exceptionally useful in ensuring that any difficulties can be sorted out and that I do not feel alone if I am being pulled hard in two different directions.”

“I've always felt I can rely on my tutor and House staff for support in academic and non-academic ways throughout my time here. I have also felt able to ask other members of staff who are not involved in my House for help too.”

The Careers Department provided all the help, honesty and advice I needed.”

“I can ask any member of staff for advice on my future and they are more than willing to help me research future pathways.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed how much emphasis has been placed on first doing other stuff, and then pushing these aspects to the highest and most professional levels that I can reach. On occasion, I have sometimes been a bit afraid of how much time I have been expected to give to some activities at high pressure times - it has been well worth talking to my tutor on these occasions to try to sort something out.”

“Take all the opportunities that come your way as many of them are once in a lifetime chances.”

Although not a 'party animal', I have found it easy to make huge amounts of friends and get to know many different people.”