Why Dauntsey's?

Seven reasons for choosing Dauntsey's ...

Pursuit of excellence

“ We ask our pupils and staff to be ambitious and to pursue excellence in all areas of school life. ”

— Head Master, Mark Lascelles

Talented and committed staff

“ Our talented and committed staff deliver teaching that is modern, challenging and inspiring. They ensure that a culture of academic ambition is firmly rooted in the school and we expect our pupils to achieve excellent examination results. ”

— Deputy Head (Academic), Jon Tyler

Broad and balanced

“ Work and extra-curricular activities are integral parts of everyday life at Dauntsey's. House staff and tutors encourage and support pupils to ensure that they keep on top of their academic work but also make the most of the many opportunities on offer. ”

— Housemistress, Ann Jackson

Wonderful opportunities

“ Give everything a go because there are so many wonderful opportunities on offer that you will regret not taking them while you had the chance. For example I never did drama before Sixth Form, and now I love it. ”

— Upper Sixth leaver 2013

Spirit of adventure

“ We provide pupils with many opportunities for challenge and discovery. We aim to push our pupils out of their comfort zone and want them to arrive at the end of their time in School saying: 'I did not think that I could do that, but I did'. ”

— Head of Adventure, Sam Moore

A caring culture

“ Everyone is friendly and supportive. There is a great sense of community and there are loads of people to turn to for help - I've certainly never felt lonely. ”

— Third Form boarder

Lifelong friendships

“ The school is noted for its unpretentious and friendly atmosphere. Our pupils come from many different schools and when they arrive at Dauntsey’s, whether at 11, 13 or in the Sixth Form, everyone is ready to make new friends. ”

— Registrar, Joanna Sagers

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'Dauntsey's is ... fab'

“ It’s in there competing with the heavies but still unpretentious, with feet firmly on the ground. Parents value its special atmosphere, rooted in being reasonably non-selective, both academically and socially. Steadily improving results and facilities are putting Dauntsey’s among the front-runners in the area. Its friendliness, breezy campus and outdoorsy image belie a focussed academic purpose, which encompasses arts and sciences, though it doesn’t inhibit the pupils from having a pretty good time. Dauntsey's is fab. ”

— The Good School Guide 2013