AAP Questionnaire

Activities Provider Questionnaire

This questionnaire is for organisations wishing to provide activities to pupils at Dauntsey's.  It should take less than 10-15 minutes to fill in.

We are not looking for specific answers to questions but to understand how your organisation would operate with our pupils and it forms part of our 'due diligence'. There are no 'wrong' answers and no specific answer will disqualify you from operating with our pupils. The questions won't neatly fit every organisation's operating style but please chose the best options where you can.

In a number of places you may be asked to email documents to us, there is a reminder list at the end of the questionnaire. Documents should be sent to adventure.ed@dauntseys.org

If you have any queries, thoughts or concerns either email us on that address of leave a note in the box at the bottom of the form.


Part 1 : About your Organisation

Organisation Name *
Web Address
Name of Contact Person *
Contact Address *
Telephone Number
UK or Overseas provision for Dauntsey's *

Part 2 : Scale and Nature of your Organisation

Other Status
Approximate number of full time instructional/operational staff
Approximate number of part-time of seasonal staff at peak employment
What is the maximum number of participants you can cater for at one time?
Date started trading/operating
Approximate turnover last financial year (£k)

Part 3 : Activities Provided

Please tick the activities you provide
Other Activities that require specialist equipment or instruction
Do you subcontract any of the above activities to other providers?
Have you obtained safety management documents such as safety policy, risk assessments and standard operating procedures from your contractors? *
Do you physically inspect the operations of all your contractors? *
How often are the inspections carried out and by whom?
How do you assess the standard of operation of your subcontractors?

Part 4 : Health and Safety and Risk Management

Does your organisation hold a AALA/AALS license? *
What is your licence number? *
Do you provide activities that are out of scope of the licensing regulations? *
Do you have a system to ensure that all staff qualifications are current and up to date? *
Do you have a policy document that states how aspects of safety are addressed? *
Have risk assessments been carried out and recorded for all activities undertaken? *
Do you have clear operational procedures based on risk assessments for each activity? *

If Yes to any of the above three questions, please email policy documents and samples of risk assessment and operating procedures to adventure.ed@dauntseys.org

Part 5 : Child Protection

Do you have a child protection policy? *

If Yes, please email a copy to adventure.ed@dauntseys.org

Do all staff who will have access to young people and vulnerable adults (as defined by the DBS) undergo the appropriate checks? *

Part 7 : Staffing

Do you have a recruitment policy that ensures all staff are competent to carry out their duties in terms of...

...technical skills *
...educational skills *
...pastoral skills *

If this policy is written, please a copy to adventure.ed@dauntseys.org

Part 7 : Transport

Do you provide transport as part of your operation? *
Types of vehicle used *
Minimum age of driver in years *
Form of legal compliance *
Other compliance (if relevant)

Part 8 : Equipment

Can you guarantee that equipment used for all activities...

...is safe, appropriate, fit for its intended purpose and meets national safety standards where appropriate *
...is checked at frequent intervals *
...has a documented system of purchase, inspection, maintenance and replacement *

Part 9 : Insurance

Do you have in place insurance arrangements with respect to public liability? *

If Yes, please email copies of your insurance arrangements to adventure.ed@dauntseys.org

Part 10 : Residential Provision

Do you directly provide or sub-contract residential accommodation facilities for Dauntsey's pupils?
Have you carried out a fire safety risk assessment for your premises? *
Do you have an action plan in case of fire and do all operational staff know this plan? *
If appropriate, please breifly outline the arrangement for the security of the site and buildings both day and night
Are there separate male/female sleeping areas? *

Is there...

...at least 1 wash basin per 10 people with both hot and cold water? *
...at least 1 toilet for every 10 people? *
...at least one bath or shower per 15 people? *
Do the appropriate staff involved in the handling and storage of food hold the Basic/Elementary Food Hygiene Certificate or and equivalent? *

Part 11 : Legal Issues

Has your organisation been involved in any criminal or civil legal actions against it? *
Please describe them: *

Notes, Queries or Concerns

If you have any questions, queries or want to qualify any of the answers above, please do so here.

Document Checklist

While we don't need to see your entire operational paperwork, it is useful for us to see examples and policies. If you answered Yes to the appropriate questions above, could you send us 

  • Safety Policy
  • Example Risk Assessment
  • Example Operating Procedure
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Staffing Policy
  • Insurance Details

You can email copies to adventure.ed@dauntseys.org

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