Art at Dauntsey's

Art has a high profile within Dauntsey's and this is reflected in the prominence given to displays of pupils' work around School.

Dauntsey's has its own Art School, housed separately from the main school site in a spacious building rich with history. Having for years served the local community as a primary school, it  underwent  a redesign to suit the needs of  the Art Department. The building has lent itself sensitively to the various disciplines taught, and pupils from the First Form to the Upper Sixth, enjoy a host of activities.

The wide ranging programme offered to all pupils includes; painting and drawing, relief printing, sculpture and ceramics.

Each class group is offered a full complement of computer design, including: image manipulation, animation and 3-D modelling. History of Art is taught as an integral part of the course throughout all year groups and its' influence is reflected in pupils' work at every stage.

Central to the Art School is the exhibition area, The Gallery, which hosts a wide range of work of artistic merit from both pupils and guest artists, all of whom are invited and encouraged to display their art work.

All pupils study art for their first three years at Dauntsey's when the foundations of visual literacy and awareness and technical competence are laid. Thereafter, pupils may opt to study the subject for GCSE and then go on to AS and A2 in the Sixth Form.

Most A2 candidates go on to take up university places related to art or further their art studies by applying for a place on an Arts Foundation Course.

We offer students a sense of adventure, excitement and discovery. The Art School is a place where they can take risks and not worry if they get it wrong. We aim to build creative confidence, so we can develop innovative, risk-taking, ambitious visual communicators who stand out from the crowd. Everything students learn is relevant to other aspects of their lives: to have an enquiring mind, to be questioning, to search for new ways of seeing and understanding – these are all invaluable life skills." Victoria Rose, Director of Art

Leavers 2016

  • Architecture - UCL
  • Architecture - Cardiff
  • Architecture - Nottingham
  • Architecture - Bath
  • Architecture and Environmental Design - Nottingham
  • Fine Art - Charles Cecil Studios Florence
  • Art Foundation Course – Leeds
  • Art Foundation Course - Central St Martins
  • Art Foundation Course - Central St Martins
  • Art Foundation Course - Central St Martins
  • Art Foundation Course - Central St Martins
  • Art Foundation Course - Central St Martins

Art News


  • two large painting & drawing studios
  • screen print room (coming soon)
  • ceramic studio & 3-D studio
  • computer room
  • gallery

In the press

Inspiring Creativity

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