Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do at weekends?
The 'Manorites' go out every other weekend on a House trip and 'in' weekends are exciting, with games and activities. Saturday is 'film and popcord night', everyone's favourite.

When will I see my parents?
Your parents can come and visit at any time; they can watch you play matches and you can go out at weekends if you wish. You may also invite day pupil friends for a Saturday night 'sleepover'.

How many people are in a bedroom?
This varies from two to five.

Can I have my mobile telephone?
Yes, when you return to the Manor, until bedtime.

What happens if I feel ill?
There is always a nurse on duty in the Manor, and if you feel ill during the day you will be looked after in the School's "World Class San". (Good Schools Guide, 2009)

Am I allowed to keep pets?
Yes, the Manor has an outbuilding suitable for small pets such as gerbils, hamsters and rabbits.

Can I practise my musical instruments?
Yes, a member if the Music Department regularly comes down to the Manor and there are rooms for music practice.

How much free time do I have?
If you are not involved in a club or activity after School you can come back to the Manor where you can relax before supervised prep. There is also free time after supper.

 Where and what do I eat?
The School's own chefs serve breakfast and supper at the Manor and lunch is eaten at main School. There is a fantastic Tuck Shop at main School and you can also have a tuck box.

 Can I have pocket money?
Yes, but your parents will decide how much money you are to be given each week.

Will I make friends with day pupils?
Absolutely. All your lessons are with day pupils and there is a Lower School Centre where boarders and day pupils socialise together during the school day. The Centre has a large common room with table football, a juke box, plasma screen television, Wii and table tennis. There are frequent Lower School socials such as the Manor Ball, the Hollowe'en amd Valentine's Disco, the Lower School Extravaganza and 'Spotlight' to name a few.

Quotations from Manor pupils

"I was really nervous before I started but everyone at the Manor helped me settle in, and now I fell really at home."

"The weekends are great, because we do lots of fun things."

"The BBQs and the water slide in the summer were brilliant."

"When I first came I didn't think I would like it, but now I think of the Manor as my second home."

"I think boarding is fun and exciting. It is a completely new experience for me."

"It's fun and welcoming, with more freedom and responsibility than before."

"There is always something to laugh about".

"I did a lot of sport at my old Prep School - I'm really pleased as I have been made a Manor Sports' Captain this term."

"You have so many people to go to if you are feeling down."

"The food is good - especially the waffles!"

"The first few days were quite tough but the first weekend was amazing and I forgot about home completely."

"The Tutors are really kind and are always there to help me with my prep."

"I really like my Dorm, and my friends and I have made it cozy with pictures, posters and our own duvet covers."

"Coming back to the Manor at the end of the day feels like coming home. There is so much to do and so many people I like - I've certainly never felt lonely!"

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