Dauntsey's is proud of its strong links within both the local and wider community and fosters such relationships through a number of enterprising programmes including Outreach, Voluntary Service and Charitable Giving.

Environmental issues are also high on our agenda and pupils are encouraged to become aware of their impact on the both the environment and their community. 

Bursting the bubble

Dauntsey’s can seem like an idyll – a rural bubble where the world does not intrude.

In fact, pupils throughout the School are actively engaged with the issues of the day, from global warming to poverty and democracy via projects as diverse as our fund-raising International Schools Project (ISP), the Mercers’ Lectures, the complementary curriculum and, of course, a mock election featuring not only the mainstream parties but also New Suffragettes, the Workers’ Alliance and even a Dressing-up Party.

This range of opportunities helps pupils think beyond the confines of their own lives and the formal curriculum, to decode the world around them, gain cultural awareness and prepare for a future in an interlinked, global society.

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