We have a healthy badger population in the Manor Woods comprising several large active setts. Field sign (foraging and latrines) of badger activity can be found throughout the woods.

Fact File

Common Name: European Badger
Scientific Name: Meles meles
Mass (adult): 10kg
Length (adult): 90cm
Activity: Largely nocturnal, 70% underground

Diet: Omnivorous. Largely earthworms and insects, but varies depending on time of year

Habitat: Badgers live in setts, usually in woodland and hedgerows. Especially those woodlands near agricultural land, which provides easier foraging opportunities.

Sociability: Badgers are very social creatures and main setts can be very large with between 3-10 entrances, nest chambers and toilets etc., all interlocked with tunnels to house a large hierarchical clan. Smaller setts also exist, known as subsidiary and outlier setts.