We have a maternity roost of brown long-eared bats in the Manor House. The bats roost and raise young in the loft space, and forage in the woods and surrounding countryside.

Fact File

Common Name: Brown long-eared bat
Scientific Name: Plecotus auritus
Mass (adult): 6-12g
Length (adult): 8-9cm (head & body)

Activity: Nocturnal and crepuscular (dawn & dusk).

Diet: Moths, beetles and flies taken on the wing. Earwigs, spiders and beetles plucked from vegetation (large ears used to detect the faintest insect noise).

Habitat: Roosts in colonies in older buildings, barns, churches and trees. Forages in woodland, established hedgerows and gardens.

Sociability: Roosts in small colonies. Solitary when foraging.