Roe deer inhabit the Manor Woods, browsing the vegetation and taking advantage of the peace and quiet when ‘lying up’ or raising a fawn.

Fact File

Common Name: Roe Deer
Scientific Name: Capreolus capreolus
Mass (adult): 15-35kg
Size (adult): 60 to 75cm at shoulder (bucks - males slightly larger than does - females)

Activity: Largely crepuscular (dawn & dusk), though can be active throughout the 24-hour period. Long periods are spent ‘lying up’, which is where the deer lies down to ruminate between feeding bouts.

Diet: Herbivorous. Roe deer are browsers that actively select different food types including herbs, brambles, ivy, heather, bilberry & coniferous/deciduous tree shoots. They particularly like young, tender grass which is more easily digestible and has a higher moisture content.

Habitat: Roe Deer live in areas of mixed countryside, with farmland, grassland, heathland and woodland.

Sociability: Unlike other deer species, Roe deer are largely solitary, though they do form small groups in winter.