Small mammals

Small mammal live-trapping carried out by Dauntsey’s Wildlife Club has discovered Woodmice and Bank voles in Manor Woods.

Fact File

Common Names: Wood mouse & Bank vole
Scientific Name: Apodemus sylvaticus & Myodes glareolus
Mass (adult): 15-35g
Length (adult): 8-10cm (head & body)

Activity: Wood mice - Nocturnal and crepuscular (dawn & dusk). Bank vole – diurnal and nocturnal.

Diet: Omnivorous, eating both plant and animal material; seeds, foliage, berries and insects. (Bank vole – mostly herbivorous).

Habitat: Woodland, grassland and agricultural environments. Nest in underground burrows.

Sociability: Territorial during the breeding season. Share nests in the winter. Forage individually.