Listening Service

There may be times when a pupil feels upset, anxious or unable to cope. Talking with friends or family is for many the first step in resolving the problem, but there are others who could also be of help.

A pupil's Housemaster or Housemistress and tutor will always be ready to listen, as will any other member of staff: who is chosen will depend on who the pupil knows well, their feelings and the circumstances.

The Chaplain, the School Doctors and the Medical Centre staff all have great experience in dealing with problems experienced by young people, as have the Head Master and other senior staff.

The Student Listening Service may also be able to offer help. This service originated from students themselves who believe that in some instances pupils find it easier to confide in a fellow student rather than an adult. Student volunteers are trained in listening and empathising skills to help others with problems connected with school life, such as bullying, teasing and relationship anxieties.

Listeners are contractually obliged to refer serious problems with a medical or legal dimension to a member of staff.

The Lower School Listening Service is co-ordinated by Mrs Lynette Egan.

The current student committee for the Listening Service are: Betty Lorimer, Milly Sampson (student leaders), Nathan Sturges, Horatio Lovering, Sophie Ashley, Charlotte Ashley, Alice Walton-Knight and Will Gough.

The Listening Service is a valuable aspect of School life and as a result of the lower disclosure threshold cases of bullying are most unusual.

Any questions please email, Mrs Carole Coupe on c.coupe@dauntseys.org (Listening Service Co-ordinator)