Classics, the study of ancient Greece and Rome, is taught in three disciplines: Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation. It therefore encompasses language, literature, history and culture. At Dauntsey’s, we offer all three Classical subjects: Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation. Latin is studied by all the First Form as part of the Languages, and it is offered through to A Level. Greek is available from the Third Form, and we are keen to encourage the most able linguists to take it as a GCSE. Students are able to take Classical Civilisation in the Third Form and above.

The Classical subjects are academically rigorous, demanding high levels of information retention and sophisticated analysis. The intellectual training they provide, together with the inherent interest in meeting the cultures which gave rise to our own, mean the subjects are truly relevant to life today. Students encounter a range of material from foundational texts of Western literature such as the Aeneid and the Iliad, to the historical writings of Tacitus and Herodotus. In this way students hear the voices of the writers and discover the ideas surrounding them.

At Dauntsey's, we seek to support and inspire students’ learning through a range of extra-curricular events. Upper School students attend lectures with the Salisbury Classical Association, and last year we also went to the triennial Cambridge Greek Play. The First Form are visited by an experimental author, Ben Kane, to discover Roman life and the army, trying out replica weapons and armour! The Third Form Latinists visit to Bath to see the curse tablets and look into the Romanisation of Britain. Foreign trips are organised frequently: in Easter 2016, 30 students toured Greece for a week. In the years prior to this we visited Rome (2015) and Sicily (2014).

3000 years in 7 days

At the start of the Easter holidays a group of 34 set off to explore as much as possible of the Greek history, landscape and food.

We travelled over 1,000 km as we toured the country to see the highlights of the birthplace of Western culture. Races were won in the original Olympic stadium. Mysterious Bronze Age passageways were discovered. A Turkish fortress denied us entry! Walking in the footsteps of ancient people in places such as awe-inspiring Delphi and the iconic Acropolis in Athens was a fantastic experience.