Psychology made its debut on the curriculum in 2013 and has shown itself to be a popular and necessary addition to the A level curriculum. It is a contemporary and dynamic subject and we are pleased to offer it as an option for A level study.

Students study the AQA specification which provides a good introduction to the subject, including the study of approaches to psychology, memory, social influence, psychopathology, gender, schizophrenia, aggression and research methods.

Lessons are varied in their method with students expected to be engaged and active learners. There is opportunity for students to carry out their own practical experiments when appropriate. They will also enjoy a trip to a science and pseudoscience conference in the Autumn term.

The department has its own ‘lab’ and office and three members of teaching staff. We make good use of the intranet as a learning resource and our lab is equipped with an interactive whiteboard.

Psychology is only studied here at A level but the subject has a presence in the wider school as other students are invited to participate in small practical experiments, and psychology staff are involved in the scholar’s programme in the lower school. There are occasional visiting speakers and all students are welcome to attend.