Exam results

A Level Results 2017

Our Upper Sixth Formers are celebrating another year of excellent A Level results. Almost half of our 458 entries achieved an A* or A grade (49.6%), and over three-quarters were awarded an A*, A or B (76.2%).

Leading the way were Meirian Evans and Atlanta Hatch, who both achieved four A* grades, while Sophie Ashley, Tom McGrath, Izzy McKellar, Fergus O’Keeffe, Charlie Rigby and Ben Xu each attained three A* grades. An impressive 33 candidates, out of 142, achieved a clean sweep of A*/A grades.

I am delighted with this year’s results, which reflect the considerable efforts of our pupils and staff. I would also like to thank parents for the support and encouragement that they have provided over the last few years at Dauntsey’s. - Mark Lascelles, Head Master

A-level results summary

Year A*/A grades (%) A*/A and B grades (%)
2013 50.8 80.4
2014 52.1 76.1
2015 50.3 81.4
2016 47.1 77.8
2017 49.6 76.2

GCSE Results 2017

Fifth Form pupils are celebrating excellent GCSE results, with an outstanding 44.4% of nearly 1000 entries awarded an A* grade. An impressive 71.2% of all entries were at A* or A grade. This year also saw the introduction of the new 9-1 number grading scale in English Language and English Literature

Robert Bourne and Elliot Yates led the way with ten A* grades and numerical grades of 8 or 9 in English. They were closely followed by Katie Griffiths, Luke Hatch, Christie Lau and Lara Maton with the equivalent of 10 A* grades, while Oscar Aspey, Scott Bamforth, Armand Conde-Sequeira-Rosen, Zoe Cranstone, Jasmin Hosier, Andy Lam, Thomas Mayne, Elson Mo and Ellen Weir each attained the equivalent of 9 A* grades. In total, 64 of our 121 pupils achieved seven or more A* or A grades (or their numerical equivalent of 7-9).

Finally, 22 Fourth Form pupils sat their IGCSE Mathematics a year early and all achieved an A* grade.

For more information on the new 9-1 grading scheme please follow the link: 

New GCSE Grading System