ICT (Information and communications technology) is being replaced by Computing as an independent subject in the First, Second and Third Forms, supported by cross-curricular work initiated by other departments. The aim is to ensure that all pupils are able to use computers and related technologies effectively as a tool to support their own learning by the end of the Third Form and that pupils also develop Computing skills, including programming and computational thinking.

ICT is also widely used to support pupils' learning across the curriculum. The facilities available to staff and pupils are extensive and include some 300+ workstations connected to a distributed network. Filtered internet access is available at all workstations and in the boarding houses through multiple broadband connections. Wifi is also available for roaming access on mobile devices. Coverage is currently 90% of the site.

Computing skills, including programming and computational thinking, are important and becoming increasingly so in today’s world, and current educational thinking reflects this. For this reason, Computer Science is offered as a GCSE option in the Fourth and Fifth Forms and as an A-Level option in the Sixth Form. This valuable subject provides an increased level of challenge and develops new interests and opens up new possibilities for our pupils.