The School's library contains an extensive reference collection as well as a large fiction section ranging from the classics to the latest prize-winning modern novels. There is also a variety of daily newspapers, magazines and journals available and an ever-changing number of CDs, DVDs and audiotapes.

Pupils and staff have access through school computers to the library's entire catalogue - over 16,000 titles. Computers are all linked to the internet and the school intranet. The Library subscribes to a wide range of online resources relevant to subjects such as science, history, art and current affairs.

The library is open and supervised from 8am to 10pm every weekday, from 8am to 4.30pm on Saturday and from midday to 10pm on Sundays. The librarians are always on hand and ready to help pupils access a wide range of material to support academic study and to enthusiastically encourage reading for pleasure.