The Department is served by five full- time members of staff and 18 visiting teachers (many of whom actually teach here for four or five full days each week).


Class Music is taught to all pupils in the Lower School (Years 1 - 3). The curriculum aims to cover a range of music activities that give pupils an experience of performing in ensemble, singing, and composing or improvising; as well as an introduction to the developments of Western "Classical" Music from the middle ages up to the present day, and selected World Musics.

Middle School pupils opt to take OCR GCSE Music and Sixth Form students can choose to study either Music or Music Technology (or both) at Advanced Level.


All pupils are encouraged to have musical instrument lessons. Tuition is available on the full range of orchestral instruments, as well as piano, organ, classical guitar, electric guitar and singing. We currently give in the region of 550+ instrument lessons per week.

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