A-level results 2017

Our Upper Sixth Formers are celebrating another year of excellent A Level results. Almost half of our 458 entries achieved an A* or A grade (49.6%), and over three-quarters were awarded an A*, A or B (76.2%).

Leading the way were Meirian Evans and Atlanta Hatch, who both achieved four A* grades, while Sophie Ashley, Tom McGrath, Izzy McKellar, Fergus O’Keeffe, Charlie Rigby and Ben Xu each attained three A* grades. An impressive 33 candidates, out of 142, achieved a clean sweep of A*/A grades.

I am delighted with this year’s results, which reflect the considerable efforts of our pupils and staff. I would also like to thank parents for the support and encouragement that they have provided over the last few years at Dauntsey’s. - Mark Lascelles, Head Master

The Lower Sixth pupils also did extremely well. In the last year of modular AS examinations in six subjects, 76 pupils took at least one AS exam. Out of the 107 entries in total, 54.2% achieved the top grade of an A, with 90.7% graded at A-C. It was particularly pleasing to see 46 A grades awarded from 77 entries for Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

Congratulations to all our pupils and particularly Sam Arnold, Sophie Atkinson, Rini Banerjee, Christian Bryer-Ash, Lucy Downer, Daniel Hammond, Benjamin Harding, Rhiannon Harris, Jonathan Lai, Shu Qiao, Jessica Tempest, Eleanor Tew, Nicholas Welch and Patrick Wu who each earned an A grade in more than one AS exam this summer.

Summary of A-level results for the last 5 years

Year A*/A grades (%) A*/A and B grades (%)
2013 50.8 80.4
2014 52.1 76.1
2015 50.3 81.4
2016 47.1 77.8
2017 49.6 76.2