Climbing Trip to Swanage

Last Sunday, twelve members of the Climbing Club headed to the South Coast for a taste of climbing above the sea. Heading to Dancing Ledge, near Swanage, we departed early in the morning for the drive down to the coast and were greeted on arrival by a beautiful sunny day.

After being issued with our equipment and with rucksacks bulging with ropes, harnesses, metalwork and, of course, lunch, we made the short but steep walk and scramble down to sea level.

Starting with some bouldering at low level, we soon progressed to climbing up the steep, impressive cliffs while at least one person was on dolphin spotting duties at any time. Sadly, they didn’t make an appearance today but most pupils managed six or seven climbs and to have a go at abseiling down from the top. Equally as important they discovered the value of having someone else trust you as they handled the belaying at the bottom with due care and attention.

The walk back up the steep hill to the car park seemed much further on the return journey, and many slept in the minibus on the way home after a day of splendid vertical adventure.