DSPA Travel Scholarship Winners

The annual Dauntsey’s School Parents’ Association (DSPA) Travel Scholarship has been awarded to Josh Evans and Annabel Crichard who intend to explore Sri Lanka’s sights, assist at a Children’s project and cycle through the Knuckle Mountains. They have been awarded £1,000 to go towards the costs.

The inspiration for this idea came from undertaking the Brecon’s challenge together last year, and having signed up for the Paris half marathon this year they are keen to continue new and adventurous experiences together. They plan to document their travels throughout through the use of photography and film making. They will make short clips on various aspects of the culture, sights and people as well as a document the trip as a whole to bring home their experiences. To give back, as far as possible, to the local communities they travel through, including volunteering work at the Nuwara Eliya ChildAction Children’s Project.

Previously Anni was part of the Dauntsey’s trip to the Nightingales Children’s Project in Romania, and spent 10 days volunteering with local street children and orphans, and Josh has experience with coaching football for children.

Josh and Anni’s itinerary will include:

  1. Visiting the Kalutara Bodhiya, a temple with a large stupa.
  2. Visit Thudugala Ella waterfall.
  3. Exploring Kandy
  4. Visit Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic
  5. Two days cycling through the Knuckles Mountains
  6. Explore Dambulla
  7. Overnight trek to see Sigiriya or Sinhagiriis
  8. Four days working in the ChildAction Children’s Project
  9. Visit Sita Temple
  10. Visit Pedro Tea Factory
  11. Visit World's End, Horton Plains National Park
  12. Visit Mulgirigala Raja Maha Vihara
  13. Explore Old Town of Galle
  14. Explore Hikkaduwa
  15. Explore Kalutara

We hope to end the trip as more resilient and independent people by immersing ourselves into the culture of Sri Lanka. We will create a lasting record of our trip through videoing and photos of the diverse landscape. In the hope of inspiring others to travel and open their eyes to a wider world while boosting the economy in our own small way. We know it won’t always be easy but the challenges we will face together will make us stronger young adults and will hopefully be the start of a lifetime of travel, adventure and appreciation of other countries."

Since a young age we have both been fascinated by the world and have had a desire to see other countries; as we’ve got older this has developed into a genuine burning desire to travel, and it is for this reason that we have both decided to take gap years”.

The aim of the DSPA Travel Scholarship is to promote the development of initiative and independence through purposeful travel. Each candidate has to present their plans to members of the DSPA, demonstrating the overall feasibility of their chosen project, the degree of preparation and planning required and an outline budget, together with ideas on how they would raise the remaining funds required.

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