Jolie Brise on her way to Halifax

After five days of celebration in Québec City and a change of crew Jolie Brise in now on her way to Halifax, Nova Scotia, cruising in company with a large fleet of Tall Ships from all over the world, participating in part 2 of the Rendez-Vous 2017 Canadian Guest Ports Programme.

The Gulf of St Lawrence is famous for an amazing variety of marine wildlife and the crew will be looking out for whales as they sail. The last crew who sailed into Québec reported sightings of Belugas which are primarily an arctic species but the St. Lawrence Estuary is well-known for its geographically isolated group of these whales.

After the festivities in Halifax and another change of crew, Jolie Brise will compete in the final race of the RDV2017 Tall Ships Regatta sailing across the North Atlantic cutting across the Gulf Stream and Labrador Current to a finish line in the English Channel off the coast of the Isle of Wight. Since the event began back in April in London, many ships have joined the fleet or departed along the way. However, Jolie Brise is one of only four vessels who will complete the whole event, joined by Rona II, Blue Clipper and Peter van Danzig. You can follow their progress using this fleet tracker -