Lower School Music Competition and Concert

Congratulations to Felix Lailey for his performance of a Handel Sonata on the trumpet, which won the Lower School Music Competition.

Competitors were chosen following heats the previous week. The range of instruments was impressive, as was the variety of style of music chosen. The adjudicator for the final competition was Mary Edwards, who for many years was Director of Prep Music at King Edward’s, Bath. She complimented all pupils on the standard of their playing and singing and their ability to perform so well in front of a capacity audience in the Memorial Hall.

The second half of the concert was devoted to House Music. Pupils sang with their Houses with great enthusiasm, accompanied by music staff and pupils higher up the school. The standard of performance was excellent from all year groups in each House. Finally, we all joined together to sing a medley of Queen hits which took many parents back to their childhoods.

Thanks must go to Mr Gordon for organising the evening, Mr Herring and his team, Mr Sims and his team and Mr Chick and team for enabling such a large event to take place so smoothly with such excellent technical support.