Manor Monthly News

This month has been a busy one at the Manor, as usual!

The pupils have worked hard and played hard. Weekend trips have included a day out at Swindon ice rink for a skating session; and an International Dinner. Well done to Elson and Vincent who were voted kings of the ice rink. The dinner theme was USA, so the house was decked out in red, white and blue, and we had a great meal of burgers and spare ribs, followed by Mississippi Mud Pie. It was topped off with some karaoke, where enthusiasm was more important than musical talent! Thanks to George for running the quiz, and Miss Leman for organising the whole event.

Also this month, we have seen the annual Manormind Quiz –a fun and lively evening involving the whole house in a pub-style event. Well done to the winning team of Margot, Finley, George, Tiggy and Ollie.

And finally as Easter approaches, we enjoyed an energetic egg hunt around the Manor grounds. Ten cryptic clues had to be solved to locate a letter each; once all the letters were collected, teams could work out the key word or phrase – and win the chocolate! Well done this time to Milly, Milly and Sophie, as well as everyone else who took part in such lively fashion.

Tim Butterworth, Housemaster at the Manor

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