Manor Round-Up

At the end of each half of term we like to put together a summary round-up and picture gallery of some of the fun activities that our Manor pupils have enjoyed.

On our first weekend of the term all 70 lower school boarders enjoyed a fun-filled activity weekend. Mugs were painted, cookies were baked and trees were climbed up using ropes, and then descended down using a zip-wire. In addition, all of the Manorites were sent off around our beautiful grounds on a Scavenger Hunt - plenty of feathers, blackberries and golf balls were found on the Hunt!

On Friday 15 September the pupils from the Manor joined the Lower School Funfair and BBQ and enjoyed a hugely fun afternoon of outdoor entertainment which included obstacle courses, wellie throwing, wrestling, surfing, and a rodeo sheep!

On Thursday 28 September all of the Manor pupils were treated to supper at Pizza Express last night– many thanks indeed to the Headmaster and Miss Conidaris for organising this wonderful treat!

Friday 29 September saw our whole school Cross Country running event. As always, this was a lively and spirited event, the weather managed to stay mostly dry, and our Manorites did brilliantly!

Our boarders enjoyed a campfire evening in our woods on Saturday 7 October, where jacket potatoes were roasted and wide games were played.

On Thursday the whole house took part in the Lower School Music Competition and House Singing. Two of our Manorites were finalists and we cheered them on loudly! We also all sang 'This is going to be the best day of my life'. It was a great evening.

Weekends have been full of action with outings to include shopping trips to Devizes and Salisbury, trampolining at Freedog in Swindon, football and tree climbing, and ventures to the stream in an attempt to catch some crayfish! The children have been making good use of our new table tennis table – competition is fierce amongst the pupils, and the staff are a fairly competitive bunch too. Sixth Form Prefects are often organising fun activities such as ‘wide games’, The Chocolate Game, a basketball competition and cooking savoury bites!

Thank you to Mrs Sampson and all the Manor tutors and staff for making this half of term, once again, so extremely enjoyable for our Lower School boarding pupils.

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