Manor Round Up

At the end of each half of term we like to put together a summary round-up and picture gallery of some of the fun activities that our Manor pupils have enjoyed.

The Third Formers knuckled down to their end of year exams straight after half term, whilst the younger members of the House were more relaxed after the exams they sat before half term.

Mr Gordon organised a last minute ‘hustings’ on Wednesday 7 June, in preparation for the election. Third Form pupils presented on behalf of a respective party, and all of the House showed maturity, interest and enthusiasm in a lively debate/discussion before settling down for prep! Arguments and differences of opinion continue unabated…

Our annual Manor Fête was on Sunday 11 June, with all proceeds going to Wiltshire Air Ambulance. It was a fantastic event with over £700 raised. Attractions included Welly Tossing, Sponge the Teacher, Face Painting and much more. The most popular attraction, however, was a game devised by our Second and Third Form International pupils called ‘Rainbow Counters’ which consisted of flicking counters onto a board of rainbows with different colours earning you different points.
Mrs Kemsley won the Manor Bake Off with her delicious Chocolate Orange Cake. The weather was beautiful and fun was had by all.

The Manor First and Second Formers then enjoyed a quiet week whilst all of the Third Form were away on their Moonrakers trip. The weather was kind, so the Third Form had a great time in Wales, and the younger cohort enjoyed getting the water slide, snacks and House all to themselves back at home.

On Saturday 17 June, the Manor First and Second Formers went to Rockley Point where they enjoyed kayaking, wind-surfing, paddle-boarding, sailing, crabbing and more; the intense sunshine reflected the warm camaraderie between all of the boys and girls who went, and they all had a happy and fun time together.

On Monday 3 July was The Manor Dash, won by Toby Perry, with notable performances by Curtis Wilde, Violet Hopper, Harry Philpott, Georgina Moverley and Iint Ekwongviriya + the first full tutor group back: 1st Form Boys!
The Manor Football tournament took place on Tuesday 4 July, with Henry Barker's team stealing the trophy (Rose McGraw in the winning team for the second year running!)
And finally, The Manor Surprise End of Term trip was on Friday 7 July to the New Forest Aqua Park, followed by freshly made pizza, a disco and some awards.

Throughout this half of term, during warm weather times the famous Manor water slide has been out and seen a lot of use!

We have also had a number of film and treat nights, and our third Formers have enjoyed supper nights with The Hursts, where conversation was boisterous but diverse, covering a huge range of topics including GCSE choices, politics, sport, future careers, teaching styles, House rules…to name but a few!

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Hurst and all the Manor tutors and staff for making this half of term, once again, so extremely enjoyable for our Lower School boarding pupils. We want to wish Mr and Mrs Hurst the very best as they move on to new endeavours.

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