Maths Success

Congratulations to Sixth Formers Robert, Rachel, Shu and Rini who recently represented the school in the regional final of the Senior Team Maths Challenge in Chippenham.

They took on the top schools from across Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset in various devious mathematical time trials including a group round, a cross-number (where one pair gets only the 'across' clues and the other gets just the 'down' clues) and a relay race (which doesn't involve running). Despite a last-minute crisis in the relay, they emerged victorious and each received a certificate as well as a humorous mathematical mug. They now go on to the national final in London in February which is reserved for the best 300 sixth-form mathematicians in the country. Robert and Shu have also qualified individually for the British Mathematical Olympiad, a demanding 3½ hour paper which is used to pick a training squad for the national Olympiad team.

In addition to this, 25 of our sixth-formers sat the Senior Maths Challenge and for the first time ever, all received awards: nine gold, eleven silver and five bronze certificates. Ten of them then progressed to the next round.

Meanwhile in Form 1, well done to Maddie for getting into print in an American journal of mathematics. At the end of her very first week at Dauntsey's during a Maths lesson about the Fibonacci Series (the one that goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, … by adding the previous two numbers), she was watching a TED Talk video by Prof. Arthur Benjamin and noticed a pattern that was different from the one that he mentioned. This brought about an email correspondence with Prof. Benjamin (an expert on the Fibonacci Series), who replied that Maddie is to be congratulated for her discovery. Furthermore, this has led to a new proof being submitted to the College Mathematical Journal, and it should be published in the new year. Maddie also got two Merit Points for this.

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