Model United Nations Trip to The Hague

On November 2, a small group of Dauntsey's pupils travelled to The Hague for a Model United Nations conference. The pupils represented either Mali or Turkey in various committees such as: human rights, disarmament and G20 all aimed at combating a wide range of issues. It was a great opportunity for us to debate international politics, and improve our public speaking skills.

On Thursday evening we had a close call with our flights; the pupils, including myself, were rather worried that we were not going to make the flight, after arriving late at the airport due to heavy traffic. We can’t imagine how much stress our teachers, Mr Holland, Miss Bradley, and Mrs Hanking-Evans, were going through! We did, however, make the flight on time.

The next few days seemed to pass in a blur, as teenagers from around the world tried to solve some of the most pressing issues globally and some debates became quite heated even verging on declarations of war. As serious as it all seems there is always some fun; on the Saturday many of the pupils went to the party and had a great time. Committees always have their inside jokes and laughs; in my committee, the Advisory Panel on the Question of Kurdistan, the delegate of Iraq wore no socks, we then proceeded to joke about it all weekend.

Sunday was a long day for all of us, after many didn't sleep for very long the previous night, tiredness was inevitable. This was not to be helped by a hard day at the conference where the delegates went through an emergency situation, e.g a declaration of nuclear war. In the late afternoon we took the train back to Amsterdam airport ready to head home. It was another late night, arriving back to school around midnight.

On the whole it was an amazing experience, we managed to make some new friends and give some possible solutions to the world's issues. There were many inspirational speeches from guest speakers and delegates alike. Many thanks must be extended towards the teachers who gave up their weekend and peace of mind; and to all the pupils who made it such an enjoyable experience.
Georgina - Fifth Form Pupil