Cross Country Festival 2015

On Friday, just before the start of the exeat weekend, over half the school community took part in the annual Inter-House Cross Country and Minor Sports Festival.

As always, this was a lively and spirited event and the glorious September sunshine was a real bonus. Thank you to all the spectators for their support and well-done to the hundreds of pupils who took part, not forgetting the brave parents who also tackled the course!

Please see results table below.

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Results Table 2015

1ST FORM GIRLS Virginia Jocobs RENDELL 18:40 15:51
1ST FORM BOYS Ollie Jones RENDELL 17:17 15:09
2ND FORM GIRLS Sophia Hill SCOTT 19:08 15:56
2ND FORM BOYS James Pickford RENDELL 15:47 14:52
3RD FORM GIRLS Maddie George FORBES 22:23 21:59
3RD FORM BOYS Oscar Palmer RENDELL 19:30 18.57
4TH/5TH FORM BOYS Henry Cox HEMENS 21:15 19:08
6TH FORM BOYS Elliot Lassiter HEMENS 26:53 24:33
SENIOR GIRLS Emily Neve LAMBERT 23:59 23:34
PARENTS/STAFF FEMALE Henrietta MacKinnon Mother of Archie MacKinnon 17:06 15:10
PARENTS/STAFF MALE Allister Sheffield Housemaster - MERCERS 20:47 18:25