Lord Green visits Dauntsey’s

On Friday 11 September, the School welcomed Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint, politician and former Chairman of HSBC for the first Mercers’ Lecture of the new season.

At a time when the United Kingdom faces highly complex political and economic challenges the Mercers’ lectures provide Dauntsey’s pupils with a great opportunity to listen – and contribute – to insights from some of our leading business and political leaders.

Speaking on the European Identity: historical and cultural truths we cannot deny, Lord Green’s lecture triggered many questions and some lively debate.

Report by Betty Lorimer, Lower Sixth (King-Reynolds)

Lord Green’s lecture on Europe’s identity concentrated primarily on how the divergent EU member states will need to radically adapt in the years to come if we wish to compete with the likes of America and China.

The evening started with a riveting discussion over a sumptuous dinner with Sixth Form pupils, who contemplated topics ranging from Lord Green’s time in China, the current migrant crisis, intervention in Syria and the overwhelming power of the media.

This topic of Lord Green’s lecture will be of great importance in the years to come, as Britain is facing an EU referendum and possibly the breakup of the United Kingdom. Lord Green focused on the historical and current differences between Britain, France and Germany comparing us as a group to China and the USA. He put forward the fascinating idea of a Unites States of Europe thus allowing the EU to become more than a trade agreement, in order for us to compete with the ever expanding US and Chinese economies.

Lord Green provided some interesting thoughts and obviously sparked the audience’s passion in a week that has been so dominated by upsetting images and questions about what part the UK should play in current foreign affairs. Upon reflection the prominent theme of the lecture was that the EU needs solidarity, which due to historical events is not currently apparent. It was a most thought-provoking lecture, which forced all present to contemplate Britain’s future at a time when little seems certain about our future place on the world stage.

Next Mercers' Lecture - Ranulph Fiennes, explorer & adventurer, on Friday 18 September

All lectures are open to the public and are held in the Memorial Hall, commencing at 7.30pm. Entry is free, but please contact the School if you wish to attend, either by sending an email to info@dauntseys.org or by telephone on 01380 814500. Before attending, please check the website for any alterations to the programme.

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