Geography Trip to Barcelona 2016

At the beginning of September, 23 4th formers and 2 staff members went to Barcelona for their Geography field trip.

Whilst there they undertook 3 full days of case studies which included:
- The comparison of two contrasting coastal resorts, Sitges and Calafell, and their strategies to compete against a decline in mass tourism.
- The impact and evaluation of a range of urban rebranding strategies in two contrasting areas: El Raval and the 22@ New Technologies, Media Park and Forum districts.
- Limestone processes and landforms, vegetation zonation, the impact of tourism and management for sustainability. This study day included transport to the site by cable car, a visit to the Coves del Collbató caves, the nearby Torres bodega and the former industrial colony of Colònia Sedó.

The Learning Objectives for the pupils were:
To inspire students to consider their human and physical environment.
To participate in active data collection acquiring field study skills
To gain a knowledge and understanding of the dynamic processes at work in the urban and natural environment.

There was also plenty of time for exploration, and swimming at the beach and at the pool!

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