The Manor Round-Up

Pupils at The Manor have had a very busy few weeks during the first half of this new school year. Here is a fun-filled summary of the activities that the children have enjoyed so far.

The first Sunday all the pupils stayed in and enjoyed a full day of activities including team games, mug painting, dorm 'coat of arms' art, baking, skipping, limbo, and various obstacle courses.

On Friday, 16 September all of the lower school had a fantastic time at the Funfair and BBQ where there was a variety of activities and novelty events.

There have been numerous trips for Manor pupils away from the school grounds, such as a shopping trip to Devizes, cinema trip to Salisbury, and fun activities such as bowling and Lazer Quest.

There is 'Treat Night' in the Hursts' living room every Friday night, where the 'dorms of the week' get to eat popcorn, drink hot chocolate and watch a film, and have a slightly later bedtime.

Tutors have had 'tutee meals' or hot chocolate bedtime meetings several times this term, which will culminate in the popular tutor group outings next half of term.

Several baking evenings for budding Mary Berry's have been organised by prefects and staff over the term so far. (The Manor Christmas Cake competition, run by Mrs Sampson, starts after half term).

There have been a number of 'wide games' outside in the dark, with torches- Hurst Hunt is a traditional favourite which takes place once every half term.

On Saturday, 8 October, pupils at the Manor had a camping weekend. They constructed their shelters out of tarpaulins and branches, all held together with as much string as possible. They then cooked their dinner of jacket potatoes around the campfire. There was a raucous game in the woods, followed by marshmallows and hot chocolate by the fire, before crawling into their makeshift beds and talking long into the night. An early start the next morning saw breakfast served in the woods.

Looking ahead we are really looking forward to the Manor Bonfire and Fireworks night on Sunday 6 November, and hope parents will be able to join us.

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