Mercers’ Lecture Review – Lord Williams

On Monday 1 February, we were very privileged to welcome Lord Williams to Dauntsey's. He delivered a lecture on the idea of a British national identity from a historical and theological perspective, in which he singled out three particular historians - Gildas, Bede and Nennius - to show that both the need for a national identity and the ideals used to portray one have changed little in the past 1500 years.

In discussion with Sixth Formers before the lecture, he also spoke about the radicalisation and politicisation of religion, some of the issues facing Christianity and the Anglican Church today, and answered some more philosophical questions on the nature of good and evil in the world. His passion for theology and philosophy as well as a deep faith and compassion were an inspiration, and we would like to thank the Rt Reverend and Rt Honorable Lord Williams for giving his time to visit us for an informative and enjoyable evening.

Lorna Frankel, Upper Sixth

Next Mercers’ Lecture
Tuesday 23 February - Rt Hon Professor Lord Winston, doctor, scientist, politician and presenter

All welcome. Lecture commences at 19.30 in the Memorial Hall.
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