Mercers' Lecture Review: Professor A.C. Grayling

On Thursday 9 March, Dauntsey's was lucky enough to receive Professor A. C. Grayling to lecture on the Ethics of War.

Some Sixth Form pupils had a discussion with the professor before the lecture which was not limited by the topic. Questions ranged from Professor Graylings interesting beliefs regarding the legality of Brexit, the ethics of artificial intelligence, and the possibility of a communist state. All of us present were struck by the Professors knowledge over such a wide scope of material.

The lecture itself was a culmination of philosophy, history, technology and ethics and thus provided the audience with an interesting interpretation of what is 'just war'. All pupils appreciated the recommendations for bath time reading including Homer's Aeneid, Plato's Republic, and the Communist Manifesto.

All who attended thoroughly enjoyed the stimulating conversation and lecture from a world renowned professor.
Betty, Sixth Form Pupil