Model United Nations

Attending your first ever MUN conference as a delegate is a nerve-wracking experience and one which takes time to get used to. You don’t really know exactly how the event is going to go, however much preparation you have done.

When the delegates entered the Sports Hall at Kingswood on Friday, they saw the world’s flags mounted on the walls and a platform ahead at which sat the leaders of the conference. After half an hour of the opening ceremony, all of the delegates were taken to different rooms to lobby on resolutions. This is possibly one of the toughest parts of any MUN conference; the aim is to find your allies and to work together to put forward resolutions for debate in the committees the following day. On the drive home that evening, all of the pupils were buzzing with excitement about who said what to whom and who they would be supporting the following day.

On Saturday, the real work of the committees begins and everyone pays close attention to what is said in case there is an opportunity to ask a question or raise a point of information (essentially a diplomatic way of correcting the speaker). The debating can get quite intense at times with carefully worded diplomatic insults being traded in speeches. Once more, the minibus journey allowed the delegates the chance to compare notes and see who had been brave enough to ask questions. All of those present say they want to do this again and asked when the next conference will be.

On Sunday there were some emergency debates which meant that delegates had to think on their feet and this is the time when it becomes clear if they know their country’s geo-political stance.

"I really enjoyed the Bath MUN and learnt a lot from it. I spent almost a whole week looking at videos about MUN and how they work, but I didn't learn half as much as I learnt in two days of being at the conference. I recommend MUN for everyone interested in politics, public speaking, history, geography and even sciences. It is a very effective way of learning and thinking quickly and being able to understand and answer questions".
Frozan, pupil.

Delegates Point of View

The MUN conference on Saturday started abruptly for the Human Rights 2 Committee and it opened with an interesting resolution submitted by Saudi Arabia concerning the Rights of Women. The debate was heated but accepted, and several amendments were put forward although the delegates found only one fit to be passed. Saturday saw many debates over all committees involved and the delegates concluded their second day with a series of joke debates; many of which were subject to Rick Astley's famous lyrics, a bottle flipping competition and the World's favourite gorilla, Harambe...

On Sunday, the final day of the Conference, a General Assembly and a Human Rights Committee were formed to debate the last few resolutions, including a current crisis. Although some outstanding arguments were put forward, it has to be said that more notes were passed than resolutions. Concluding with an awards ceremony, the BISMUN Conference was an excellent experience for all pupils that took part.

A special thanks goes to Mr Holland for organizing and conducting the event so successfully.
Margot and Anna- Sophia, pupils.