Rockfest 2017

Rockfest 2017 was again so popular with pupils that we had to split the concert into two performances and limit each act to just 5 minutes each.

Eight Lower School acts and sixteen Upper School acts took to the stage to perform and entertain with a range of classics including Highway to Hell, Nothing Compares to You and Below My Feet.

Helena Cockwell with some brilliantly rehearsed guitar and loop pedal playing took the audience by storm, winning in 3 of the 6 Upper School categories. Her song ‘Brazil’ by Declan McKenna was a real delight, and any pupils who missed it will have the chance to see it played again in the FSA on 13 March.

In the Lower School Bea Williams and Anouk Griffiths started the whole day off with a great rendition of ‘Pumped up Kicks’ and came a very close second to the eventual winners Sasha Broadhead and Lara Vautier.

Many thanks to Mr Herring and his team of pupils and the Lower Sixth form Music Technology pupils, who worked tirelessly over the weekend to prepare for Rockfest. The lighting and sound teams were as top notch as ever, creating another memorable atmosphere and exciting event.

I would like to say a final thank you to all the pupils, parents and staff who so enthusiastically attend the event. This is what gives Rockfest a most supportive, encouraging and exciting atmosphere.

Results for Upper School Rockfest

Best Overall Performance: Helena Cockwell
Best Singing Performance: Ben and Ollie Harding
Best Instrumental Solo: Helena Cockwell
Best Male Solo Artist: Charlie Stace
Best Female Solo Artist: Helena Cockwell
Best Dressed Act: Rini Banerjee

Results for Lower School Rockfest

Best Overall Performance: Sasha Broadhead and Lara Vautier
Best Instrumental Performance: Midnight Rage
Best Singing Performance: Sasha Broadhead and Lara Vautier