Bridge Building Competition

The DT department’s annual Bridge Building Competition took place this half term. All Third Form pupils were set the challenge of building a bridge out of a thin piece of card and 10 paper straws. After initial research and design sessions, the bridges were constructed and tested to destruction.

There were some fantastic results in the strongest bridge competition, with Georgia Pickford and Octavia Pye designing a bridge which held 8.5kg. This was only bettered by Tiggy Lovering and Lisa Bolotova whose bridge held a remarkable 9.4kg, breaking the previous school record.

The winning team in the more environmentally sustainable strength to weight ratio competition comprised of Robert Bourne, Scott Bamforth and Georg Enislidis. Their bridge weighed only 18g but managed to support 7.5kg. This is an extremely impressive achievement given that the second place bridge built by Elliot Yates and Chinda Smith would have won the competition in any other year by quite some margin.

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