Fishbourne Palace

On the 21st of May, all the second formers that study Latin as a language embarked on a trip to Fishbourne palace, near Chichester. 

It took around an hour and a half to get there, and when we arrived we to went to walk around the gardens. Unfortunately there was only half of it left, because there was a housing estate on the rest of it. After the gardens we went to watch a short 15 minute clip explaining how Fishbourne was discovered and what it was built for. Then we went for a talk about what it would have been like to have been in the Roman army. Thank God I wasn't alive back then! Once the talk had finished we went outside and had lunch next to the main building. Following lunch we were split into 2 groups and one group went to the museum and the other went to look at the original mosaics that covered some of the floors there. After a little while we switched round and then had a bit of a rest. Then it was time to buy some souvenirs and get back to the bus. Many thanks to Mrs Cooper, Mrs Morris and Mr Sandell and the bus driver for a great trip!

By Wilf Fitzgibbon

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