Lord of the Flies

In the last week of term Dauntsey’s pupils performed Matthew Bourne’s dance show, Lord of the Flies, to rave reviews.

The centrepiece of our inaugural Summer Festival, and featuring an all-boy cast of 30, ranging in age from 11 to 18, this production was made possible by special arrangement with Re:Bourne & New Adventures.

Based on the novel by William Golding, with music by Terry Davies. However, in Bourne’s version of the story, a group of schoolboys find themselves abandoned, not on a desert island but in a deserted theatre instead. With no adults around they make up their own rules and create their own civilisation but soon everything breaks down into chaos, confusion and anarchy, as the mild-mannered school children descend into savagery.

James Mackenzie-Blackman, Executive Director, New Adventures, said:

 The whole performing arts team at Dauntsey’s School did a fantastic job of realising our production of Lord of the Flies. The talent, storytelling and staging were exceptional. All of us at New Adventures and Re:Bourne who got to see the show found the experience very moving. Huge congratulations to all involved."

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“The show certainly proved to be a highlight of the Summer Festival. The boys conjured up a truly remarkable performance full of intensity, malice and raw energy. Together with the superb set, dramatic lighting and soaring temperatures this was an outstanding production which captivated sell-out audiences over three nights.

”The week as a whole has certainly brought the school community together with so much going on and many wonderful performances to enjoy. The fun, energy and vitality has rubbed off on us all!”

Rikki Jackson, Director of Drama

Unbelievably brilliant and gripping” - Jack Frost on Twitter

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