Mock Elections at Dauntsey’s

Mock Election Results - Friday 8 May

Interestingly our Mock Election results reflect the national picture with our Conservative Party candidate Sian Harries just pushing Eliot Johnson’s Labour Party into second place. Eliot’s active and positive campaigning meant that Labour missed out here by only 5 votes!

The Green Party candidate, Archie Combe did well taking third place and Xanthe Thompson’s Fancy-Dress Party also put in a good performance taking just over 13% of the total votes.

Friday 1 May - Mock Election Update

Ahead of next week’s General Election pupils throughout the School are getting involved in our Mock Election.

With eight candidates standing for election, campaign posters are popping up all around school and the candidates are actively lobbying their peers. Hustings have already been held with four more candidates hoping to persuade voters at another hustings session later today.

Next week there will be a Question Time-style debate culminating in an online vote on Thursday.

Good Luck to all those standing for election.
Parties represented are: Labour (Eliot Johnson), Conservatives (Sian Harries), Liberal-Democrats (Daisy Woodruffe), The Green Party (Archie Combe), UKIP(Jim Bruges), Alliance for Workers’ Liberty (Tom Jewson), The New Suffragettes (Grace Keppel) and the Fancy Dress Party (Xanthe Thompson)

Our online vote will take place on 7 May

You may be curious about what the Fancy Dress Party (FDP) stand for. Apparently their policies mainly consist of puns. Here are a few …

"Put an end to secondary school classes over 40 by only accepting children under 39 years of age." 

"Increase prison sentences to at least 20 words."

"Have all children reading by 7, and in bed by half past."

Party mottos are:

"Changing the fabric of Britain" and "Why not see what happens?"