Moonrakers 2015

Last week all of the Third Form attended Moonrakers Camp in Aberdovey for a week of outward bound activities designed to challenge and foster team spirit. This residential camp is the culmination of the School's Moonrakers adventure programme.

The pupils enjoyed a range of activities which for most started a jog and dip in the ice cold Dovey estuary.

Different groups completed canoeing and kayaking trips, rock climbing, jetty jumping, commando crawls as well as various aerial rope tasks such as the Leap of Faith (where pupils climb to the top of a 30ft telegraph pole and jump to catch a trapeze swing before being lowered back down to the ground) and of course the two day overnight expedition.

A number of groups climbed Cadair Idris and one particular group covered a record 33km on foot, during their expedition. For a many pupils, their experience in the Grot Pot (a waist deep tank of rainwater and decomposing leaves and branches) will stay in their memories for some time.

There is no doubt that all of our pupils were tested during the week and return better prepared for the challenges they will face in the future.

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