Alice in Wonderland

Since October last year, a cast of 130 Lower School pupils have been preparing for a trip down the rabbit hole and into ‘Wonderland’.

The production presented Alice’s experience of a croquet game with the Queen of Hearts, conversations with a Cheshire Cat, tea with the Mad Hatter amongst many other memorable moments. Pupils showed off their acting, singing and dancing skills during the extremely bright and fast paced production.

The cast were supported by an incredible technical team, again, run mainly by Lower School pupils, led by the talented Mr Herring. Katie O’ Kelly, Rosie Coles, Lewis Jackson, Isi Tucker and Jenna Morshead were running the show backstage, ensuring smooth transitions between scenes. Directed by Mrs Chambers, with original music from Mr Irving, extravagant costume designs from Miss Seager and beautiful set design from Mr Herring, the production was ignited with colour!

Thanks to Tom Middleton for the photography

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