Officer Cadets at Sandhurst

Dauntsey’s tops the ‘Magnificent Seven’ league table

The Head Master, Mark Lascelles, and Second Master, Mark McFarland, were guests at the recent Commandant’s Parade Rehearsal at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

They are pictured with here with OD George Fisher.

The School is proud to have a long association with this centre of excellence for British Army Officer training and leadership. It is interesting to note that Dauntsey’s currently tops the ‘Magnificent Seven’ league table of Officer Cadets from Independent Schools in the last three years:

Position School Officer Cadets
1 Dauntsey’s 15
2 Eton 13
3 Ampleforth 12
4 Shrewsbury 12
5 Harrow 11
6 Radley 11
7 Cheltenham 8