The Chocolate Challenge

Team work was the speciality of the day at Dauntsey’s on Friday 19 June, when the Second Form competed in The Chocolate Challenge, a multi-disciplinary extravaganza in which ten groups competed to convincingly design and market a new chocolate product in just one day.

The day began with a compelling talk about the power of branding and brand-identity and by the time the teams got their hands on the chocolate samples, the New Pavilion was already fizzing with ideas: or perhaps that was just the popping candy in the Spacedust truffles!

At the end of the day, the teams were judged by a specialist panel (including the Headmaster, who is well known in the school for his supply of chocolate) on the overall standard of their business plan, their sales predictions, the brand’s visual identity, and on their fantastic advertisements recorded for radio or television.

The winning team were Team 3, The Space Cadets: Caitlin Clark, Kiah Cooper, Ciaran Costin, Luc Cranstone, Alasdair Edington, Florence Evenden, Jack Fisher, Arthur Fitzgibbon and Holly Gaiger, who designed a product which would appeal to a wide market and sounded like great fun. Their packaging was well designed and it was felt that its retro vibe would be very popular. The judges were also impressed by the team’s ability to work together and their confidence in presenting to the room.

Special mention must go to Kiah Cooper for the best booklet on the day – paperwork is very important in business! Oli Ring must also be congratulated for his enthusiasm and great attitude throughout the challenge. His excitement was infectious. However, the overall individual winner who displayed ingenuity and skills of leadership that aided their entire team and who will receive the Miles Webber Cup for Independent Endeavour, will be announced in the final assembly on Friday.

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