Lower School Dance Show 2017

Last week, over 200 pupils took part in the annual Dance Show and, as always, it was an evening full of energy and excitement.

Pupils prepared for the show during the Spring Term both in lessons and in their extra-curricular clubs. The show presented a huge variety of dance styles and really showed off the talents and versatility of our pupils. The audience enjoyed contemporary, musical theatre, ballet and street dance to name but a few.

This year’s show worked around the theme of ‘When I Grow Up’ and some dances took inspiration from professions such as Lawyers, Teachers and Dentists, whilst others took theirs from Astronauts, Rugby players and Spies. Parents, teachers and pupils alike were amazed by the enthusiasm of all the dancers and the professionalism with which the Lower School took to the stage.

Particularly spectacular performances were given by the Mini Jazz club with their beautiful performance ‘Rule the World’ choreographed by Atlanta Hatch and Andrea Chan, and Street dance club choreographed by Jason Yip and Tseki Wangdi. A special mention must also go to Lily Watherston, Bea Watts, Anouk Griffiths, Ed Morgan, Bea Burnham, Sophia Hill and Merlo Jewell, who each performed self-choreographed duets or solos. There was a real buzz in the audience this year, who were particularly supportive and it was fantastic to see so many pupils up on stage having so much fun!

Photo Credits: Graham House and Archie Sagers (Fourth Form pupil)

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