Sixth Form Cookery Course with Vaughan's

On Sunday 7 May, 10 Sixth Formers and Dr Wells sat the final part of their practical cookery exam at Vaughan’s Cookery School in Devizes.

The exam entailed cooking a three course meal, which demonstrated a variety of specific skills, for four people. In addition to the stress of demonstrating culinary skills within a tight time-frame, the pupils also had to cope with having their performances inspected by an internal examiner, an external examiner, and three students from Leith’s Cookery School: the depth of scrutiny usually reserved for mating pandas! Looking back on us all at the beginning of the course, when we barely knew which end of a whisk to hold, the levels of skill and professionalism demonstrated by everyone during the exam seem remarkable.

During the course we have learnt such a lot: to gut, fillet and skin fish; to prep vegetables in a wealth of different ways; to tell how well a steak has been cooked by poking it; to cook eggs perfectly; to cook meat in a variety of ways; and, most importantly, how to use a knife, so that our hands are not transformed from valuable grasping instruments into useless, bleeding stumps!

The final session of the course runs this Tuesday, when we will learn the delights of sushi-making. After that, we will anxiously await the results of our exams, and hope to celebrate our success at 6 pm on Monday 22 May in the Pavilion with a Presentation Ceremony.

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