The Art Applications Post-GCSE Course

The Art Applications course provided students with a glimpse in to the creative industry.

They explored their creative potential through a series of sessions run by professionals from the art and design world. Pupils experienced an introduction to creative thinking beyond the bounds of the classroom and learnt how to successfully apply their imagination to meet the specifications of a series of real world art and design issues.

This five day workshop allowed students to discover what it would be like to work as an Architectural Illustrator, an Art Director within Advertising, a professional Artist, a Ceramicist, and a freelance Illustrator.

Monday - Colin Palmer
Famous for his Architectural Illustration
Tuesday - Victoria Rose
Now the Director of Art at Dauntsey’s School – but used to be an Art Director in Advertising
Wednesday - Russell Cobb
An award winning Illustrator and Photographer
Thursday - Vincent Stokes
Head of Art for two decades at Marlborough College, Wiltshire. Now a practicing artist
Friday - Patia Davis
A Ceramicist who works with both porcelain and earthenware clays